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 Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings - Collection 1974-2018 / MP3 
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Příspěvek Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings - Collection 1974-2018 / MP3
Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings - Collection 1974-2018 / MP3
Album: Collection
Year of manufacture: 1974-2018
Genre: Blues rock
Audio: MP3, 320 Kbps
Size: 4.27 GB
Duration: 28:53:43

About music: Bill Wyman, real name William George Perks is a British bass player, member of the Rolling Stones group since its inception in 1962 until 1993. Since 1997, he has performed with his own band Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings. As a child, he sang in a church choir, played the accordion. After buying the guitar, he decided to try himself in the band. But, loitering in discos, I noticed that the floor vibrates and the heart beats more often only from the bass. It's decided - from now on Bill will be a bass player. In the newspaper, he saw one announcement of a set in the ensemble. Upon coming to the audition, he repeated the vibrations that struck him so much before his new acquaintances - "Stones" ... From December 1962 until 1993, Bill's track record as part of "The World's Greatest Rock Band" was conducted. Some time ago, he announced plans to create a whole chain of restaurants throughout Europe. Bill Wyman plans to remain active in the field of music, "but only from time to time and on a small scale."

1974 - Monkey grip
1976 - Stone alone
1982 - Bill Wyman
1985 - Willie & The Poor Boys
1992 - Stuff
1997 - Struttin our Stuff
1999 - Anyway The Wind Blows
2000 - Groovin
2000 - In Concert 26.04.2000
2000 - Platinum (World Bestsellers)
2001 - Double Bill (2CD)
2001 - The Bill Wyman Compendium (2CD)
2002 - Live In Concert
2004 - Just For A Thrill
2004 - Let the Good Times Roll (2CD)
2005 - Live
2006 - A Stone Alone-The Solo Anthology (2CD)
2009 - Best of Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings
2011 - Live Communication
2012 - The Best Of Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings, Vol. 2
2015 - Back To Basics
2016 - The Kings Of Rhythm, Volume 1 Jump, Jive And Wall (4CD)
2017 - Rocking The Roots
2018 - Studio Time


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