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 VA - Time Life Music Collection (523 CDs) (1962-2011) (MP3) 
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Příspěvek VA - Time Life Music Collection (523 CDs) (1962-2011) (MP3)
VA - Time Life Music Collection (523 CDs) (1962-2011) (MP3)
Year Of Release: 1962-2011
Label: Time Life Music
Genre: Pop, Rock, Easy Listening, Oldies, Soul/Funk, Disco, R&B
Quality: VBR 192-320 kbps (Tracks, Image+.cue)
Total Size: 67,2 Gb

Time Life was founded in 1961 as the book division of Time Inc.. It took its name from Time Inc.'s cornerstone magazines, Time and Life, but remained independent of both. During 1966, Time Life combined its book offerings with music collections (two to five records) and packaged them as a sturdy box set. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, the selection of books, music and videos grew and was diversified into more genres. When record labels stopped producing vinyl albums in 1990, Time Life switched to CD only. In the mid-1990s, Time Life acquired Heartland Music, with the Heartland Music label now appearing as a brand. This company was subsequently sold off and is no longer attached to Time Life.


Time Life added music in 1962, selling box sets and collections through Time-Life Records. During the 1960s and 1970s, the collections released by Time-Life Records catered to a conservative adult audience, with genres including classical, jazz, swing and orchestral music; and the music of operas and Broadway theatre. On occasion, Time Life offered popular music (generally pre-1955 music, as opposed to pop and rock music airing on contemporary hit radio stations in the United States at the time) in box sets. Although there were television advertisements, Time Life advertised most of these sets in magazines, specialty catalogs and direct mail.

In the early 1980s, Time Life began branching out, offering a series of albums focusing on country music. The first series was 1981's "Country Music," with volumes focusing on a particular artist and featuring eight or nine tracks per album. Twenty volumes were issued, with many of country's greatest artists of the time (Charley Pride was the first artist featured) getting their own album. But until the mid-1980s, Time-Life did not feature a rock music-intensive series for customers, preferring to cater to older adults with conservative music tastes.

01. Time Life - The Ultimate Rock Collection Gold & Platinum 1964-1995, Vol.1-6 (6 CD Boxed Set) (1997) [320 kbps]
02. Time Life - 70s Music Explosion (10 CD Box Set) (2005) [320 kbps]
03. Time Life - Spirit Of The 60's (6CD Box Set) (2000-200)1 [320 kbps]
04. Time Life - Pop Memories Of The 60's (10 CD Box Set) (2009) [320 kbps]
05. Time Life - The Teen Years (10 CD Box Set) (2011) [320 kbps]
06. Time Life - The Easy 80s (10 CD Box Set) (2011) [320 kbps]
07. Time Life - Ultimate Seventies (10 CD Box Set) (2003) [320 kbps]
08. Time Life - The Fabulous Fifties Collection (10 CD Box Set) (2000) [VBR-320 kbps]
09. Time Life - The Folk Years (8 CD Box Set) (2003) [320 kbps]
10. Time Life - Treasury of Christmas (8CD) (1988-2000) [320 kbps]
11. Time Life - Legends: The Ultimate Rock Collection (8 CD Box Set) (2003) [320 kbps]
12. Time Life - Flower Power: The Music of the Love Generation (10CD Box Set) (2007) [320 kbps]
13. Time Life - Malt Shop Memories (10CD Box Set) (2007) [320 kbps]
14. Time Life - Rock Classics Complete Series (12CD Box Set) (2007) [320 kbps]
15. Time Life - Disco Fever (8CDs Collection) (2006) [320 kbps]
16. Time Life - Sounds Of The Eighties (25CD) (1994-1996) [256-320 kbps]
17. Time Life - Am Gold (34CDs Collection) (1962-1979) [320 kbps]
18. Time Life - Lifetime of Country Romance (10CD Box Set) (200 [320 kbps]
19. Time Life - Sounds Of The Seventies (38CD) (1970-1979) [320 kbps]
20. Time Life - The Ultimate Oldies But Goodies (10CD) [320]
21. Time Life - 80s Music Explosion (10CD) (1997) [192 kbps]
22. Time Life - Superstars Of Country (10 CD Box Set) (2007) [192 kbps]
23. Time Life - Classic Soft Rock Collection (11CDs) (2006) [256 kbps]
24. Time Life - The Rock 'N' Roll Era Collection (50CD)(1989 - 2001) [320kbps]
25. Time Life - Body and Soul (8CD) (2004-2005) [320 kbps]
26. Time Life - The Ultimate Rock Ballads (8CD) (2007) [320kbps]
27. Time Life - Classic Soul Ballads Collection (16 CD) (2005) [256 kbps]
28. Time Life - Rhythm & Blues (6 CD) (1954-1959) [VBR kbps]
29. Time Life - Your 40s Hit Parade (10CD) (1991) [320 kbps]
30. Time Life - Your 50s Hit Parade (12CD) (1988-1992) [320 kbps]
31. Time Life - Guitar Rock 60's to 90's (25CD) (1994) [VBR, ~ 225kbps]
32. Time Life - Hard and Heavy (9 CD Box Set) (200 [320 kbps]
33. Time Life - Romancing the 70's (10 CD) (2011) [192kbps]
34. Solid Gold Soul (9CD) (1996-2000) [320]
35. The Timeless Collection (14CD) [320]
36. Legendary Country Singers - Time-Life Music (10 CD) [320]
37. Classic Rock (16CD) (1987-1990) [320]
38. Classic Country (20CD) [320]
39. Today's Greatest Gospel Anthems Super Set 2008-2011 (6 CD) [320]
40. Singers and Songwriters (1970-1979) (10CD) [320]


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