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 VA - Listen All Around: The Golden Age of Central and East A 
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Příspěvek VA - Listen All Around: The Golden Age of Central and East A
VA - Listen All Around: The Golden Age of Central and East African Music (2018)
FLAC (tracks) & booklet | Genre: World, Ethnic, African, Field Recording | Duration: 2:12:26 | Label: Dust-to-digital | Year: 2018 | 424 MB
Legendary ethnomusicologist and field-recording pioneer, Hugh Tracey founded the International Library of African Music (ILAM) in 1954. Today, ILAM preserves thousands of historical recordings and has become the greatest repository of African music in the world. Dust-to-Digital have partnered with ILAM to present "Listen All Around" - a compilation of newly-transferred and remastered recordings that Hugh Tracey made between 1950-1958.

"The recordings presented here were made in central and eastern Africa -- specifically, the Belgian Congo (now the Democratic Republic of the Congo), Kenya, Tanganyika and Zanzibar (now Tanzania). The genre of music Tracey documented, and the focus of this double album and book is rumba and its variations -- Congolese rumba, dansi and benga. The recordings, photographs and detailed liner notes included in this set provide a rich point of immersion into the mid-20th-century music of eastern and central Africa."

01. Kalenga Antonance - Mamboleyo (Affairs of Today)
02. Ilunga Patrice, Misomba Victor and Friends - Mamwana Kufika Munda (My Love Is Upset)
03. Vijana wa Mbeya with Jim D. Gondwe - Siwezi Kuiacha Rumba (I Cannot Give Up Rumba)
04. Henri Bembele and Orchestra Tinapa - Stanleyville Putulú (Stanleyville is Dusty)
05. Dar es Salaam Jazz Band - Kwa Jinsi Ninavyokupenda (How I Love You)
06. Lang Obiero - Pini Ochama (I Was Without Hope)
07. Joseph Eluka and Soldiers - Sͻkͻ Olingi Na-Boma (If You Want to Kill Me)
08. Yemba Jean Batiste and Soldiers - Caroline Zibula Bango
09. Société Edemi de Stanleyville, led by Elise Edemi - Tála Bango (Watch Them)
10. Bakia Pierre - Gitari na Congo (Guitar of the Congo)
11. Morris Kalala - Birima
12. Tauni Mwenasasu and Friend - Mangwasi
13. Coast Social Orchestra. Leader, Alexander Ayub - Napenda (I Love)
14. Coast Social Orchestra. Leader, Alexander Ayub - Mamie Sistah Mai Deah (Mommy, Sister My Dear)
15. Chemutoi Ketienya and Kipsigis Girls - Chemirocha III
16. Sunderland String Band. Leader, Louis Mellito - Mpenzi Wangu Wanitupa (My Sweetheart Left Me)
17. Lang Obiero - Mpenzi Wangu, Umepotea Mjini (My Love, You Have Disappeared in Town)
18. Lang Obiero - Jumamosi Kuna Vigelegele (On Saturday, There Is Celebration)
19. ORCLOS. Leader, Ombiza Charles - Maivuno ni Kilema (Jealousy Is a Vice)
20. Kimambo Brothers - Kisima cha Wivu (Well of Jealousy)
21. Coast Social Orchestra. Leader, Alexander Ayub - Moyo Wanitanga-Tanga (My Heart Is Troubled)
22. Coast Social Orchestra. Leader, Alexander Ayub - Nali Kisafiri (As I Was Traveling)
23. ECO (East Coast Orchestra) African Band - Wapenzi Kuwaona (We Are Pleased to See You and to Be Together)
24. Ilunga Patrice, Misomba Victor, and Friends - Mama Josefina (Mama Josefina)
25. ORCLOS. Leader, Ombiza Charles - Jean Ndjela ku Parquet (Jean Ndjela before the High Court)
26. Norbert de Magaro - Pipi na Dongo (Candy and Okra)
27. Ezekiel Kamenga and Luba Men - Kilio Mama (Mother's Cries)
28. Mwenda Jean Bosco and Singers - Mwendo Tulikwenda (The Journey That We Took)
29. ECO (East Coast Orchestra) African Band - Doa Jeupe (White Spot)
30. Sunderland String Band - Eh, Mwajuma Wanikataa (Eh, Mwajuma, You Have Turned Me Down)
31. Samuel Colon and Baninga Baye - Marie Wabolingo (Marie, My Love)
32. Dar es Salaam Jazz Band - Hayo Siyakweli (It's Not True)
33. Dar es Salaam Jazz Band - Nimepata Mpenzi, Mtoto, Mdogo, Mzuri Simwachi (I Got a Young, Beautiful Girl that I Won't Leave)
34. Chipukizi Rumba - Nimepata Mpenzi, Mtoto Mzuri (I Got a Young, Beautiful Girl)
35. Vijana wa Mbeya - Mtoto Mzuri Simwachi (I Won't Leave a Young, Beautiful Girl)
36. Merry Black Birds - Chineno (Little Speech)
37. Merry Black Birds - Chaupele Mpenzi (Chaupele, My Love)
38. ORCLOS - Ushuru wa Guitare (Payments for [Playing] Guitar)
39. Katanga Dance Orchestra - Mapani (Mapani's Band)
40. Salum's Brass Band with Salum Seliman - Mahaba Matamu (How Sweet Is Our Love)
41. Salum's Brass Band with Salum Seliman - Shukurani (Give Thanks)
42. Salum's Brass Band with Salum Seliman - Hawana Kazi Makarani (They Have No Work, Those Clerks)
43. Chipukizi Rumba - Dada Mwajuma Nifichie Siri Yangu (Sister Mwajuma, Keep My Secret)
44. Chibanda Baudouin - Skoot (Scouts)
45. Lake Victoria Band - Dhi Dala U (Go Back to Your Home)
46. Kamwema Jean and His Friends - Nabela
47. ORCLOS - Tulale Ngonga Imelia (The Time Has Come to Sleep)


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