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 Leonard Bernstein - The Remastered Edition - 2017 (100 CDs)  
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Příspěvek Leonard Bernstein - The Remastered Edition - 2017 (100 CDs)
Leonard Bernstein - The Remastered Edition - 2017 (100 CDs) Part 3
2017 | Classical
FLAC, Lossless | 5,29 Gb (20CD)

On the eve of his centenary in 2018, Sony Classical releases the most important collection, Leonard Bernstein's classic American Columbia recordings, remastered from their original 2- and multi-track analogue tapes. This has allowed for the creation of a natural balance (for example, between the orchestra and solo instruments) that brings the quality of these half-century-old recordings, excellent for their time, up to the standards of today's audiophiles. In addition, there has been a meticulous restoration of some earlier masterings in which LP surface noise was too rigorously eliminated at the expense of the original brilliance.
This is unquestionably the most comprehensive display of the legendary American conductor's unparalleled dynamism and versatility ever offered in a single package. Many of Bernstein's most memorable and critically acclaimed interpretations are brought together here.
Space permits only the mention of highlights, but they will give you a sense of the breadth and depth of this astonishing new set. There are his two classic complete opera recordings with the Vienna Philharmonic: Verdi's Falstaff (1966) starring Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau and Strauss's Rosenkavalier (1971) with Christa Ludwig, Gwyneth Jones, Lucia Popp and Walter Berry. Plus, his incandescent complete 1966 Haydn Creation from New York. Bernstein's New York Philharmonic recordings that launched the "Mahler Renaissance" in the 1960s are here, of course, including the 1961 Third Symphony which has arguably never been surpassed. Ditto for Carl Nielsen, whose great works Bernstein brought to a wide new public with interpretations like the 1962 NYP recording of the Fifth Symphony, perhaps the most thrilling account of this 20th-century masterpiece ever committed to disc. The Sibelius Fifth recording from 1961 is another celebrated Bernstein reading. And while we're talking about Fifth Symphonies, Bernstein's Beethoven Fifth from 1961 is still as electrifying now as it was then. His talk about the work is also included, one of many treasurable spoken-word commentaries in this set delivered by one of classical music's most charismatic and influential lecturers and teachers. Naturally there's Mahler, Nielsen, Sibelius and Beethoven in the new collection, not to mention Bach and Vivaldi, Haydn and Mozart, Schubert and Schumann, Berlioz and Liszt, Brahms and Bruckner, Dvo??k and Smetana, Bizet and Offenbach, Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff, Saint-Sa?ns and Poulenc, Grieg and Faur?, Stravinsky and Hindemith, Bart?k and Berg, Ives and Copland, Prokofiev and Shostakovich, Richard and Johann Strauss - symphonies, overtures, symphonic poems, dances, choral and vocal works as well as countless great concertos with soloists like Isaac Stern and Glenn Gould, not to mention Bernstein himself in Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue.

Disc: 41
1. L'Italiana in Algeri: Overture
2. Il barbiere di Siviglia: Overture
3. La scala di seta: Overture
4. La gazza ladra: Overture
5. Semiramide: Overture
6. Guillaume Tell: Overture

Disc: 42
1. I. Andante tranquilo
2. II. Allegro
3. III. Adagio
4. IV. Allegro molto
5. Ia. Mäßig schnell, mit Kraft
6. Ib. Sehr breit, aber stets fliessend
7. IIa. Lebhaft
8. IIb. Langsam
9. IIc. Im ersten Zeitmaß
10. IId. Lebhaft

Disc: 43
1. I. Andante - Allegro molto vivace
2. II. Larghetto
3. III. Scherzo. Molto vivace
4. IV. Allegro
5. Genoveva, Op. 81: Overture (Remastered)

Disc: 44
1. I. Faust. Lento assai - Allegro
2. II. Gretchen. Andante soave
3. IIIa. Mephistopheles. Allegro vivace, ironico
4. IIIb. Final Chorus: "Alles Vergängliche"

Disc: 45
1. I. Invocation - Kaddish 1
2. II. Din-Torah - Kaddish 2
3. III. Scherzo - Kaddish 3 - Finale

Disc: 46
1. I. Vivace assai
2. II. Allegretto
3. III. Menuetto - Trio
4. IV. Finale. Vivace
5. I. Allegro spiritoso
6. II. Andante
7. III. Menuetto. Allegretto - Trio
8. IV. Finale. Vivace

Disc: 47
1. I. Allegro con brio - Rudolf Serkin
2. II. Largo - Rudolf Serkin
3. III. Rondo. Allegro - Rudolf Serkin
4. I. Adagio - Rudolf Serkin
5. II. Finale. Allegro - Meno Allegro - Allegretto ma non troppo, quasi andante con moto - Rudolf Serkin

Disc: 48
1. Symphony No. 2 in C Minor "Resurrection": I. Allegro maestoso
2. II. Andante moderato

Disc: 49
1. III. In ruhig fließender Bewegung
2. IV. Urlicht. Sehr feierlich, aber schlicht
3. V. Finale. Im Tempo des Scherzos

Disc: 50
1. I. Enter Three Sailors
2. II. Scene at the Bar
3. III. Enter Two Girls
4. IV. Pas de deux
5. V. Competition Scene
6. VI. Three Dance Variations: Variation I (Galop)
7. Variation II (Waltz)
8. Variation III (Danzon)
9. VII. Finale
10. Candide Overture
11. I. The Great Lover
12. II. Lonely Town: Pas de Deux
13. III. Times Square: 1944
14. I. Prelude - Benny Goodman
15. II. Fugue - Benny Goodman
16. III. Riffs - Benny Goodman

Disc: 51
1. I. Allegro - Isaac Stern
2. II. Andante - Isaac Stern
3. III. Presto in moto - Isaac Stern
4. I. Mäßig bewegte Halbe - Isaac Stern
5. II. Langsam - Isaac Stern
6. III. Lebhaft - Isaac Stern

Disc: 52
1. I. Tempo molto moderato - Largamente - Allegro moderato - Presto
2. II. Andante mosso, quasi allegretto
3. III. Allegro molto - Un pochettino largamente - Largamente assai
4. Pohjola's Daughter, Op. 49 (Remastered)
5. I. Allegro moderato - Zino Francescatti
6. II. Adagio di molto - Zino Francescatti
7. III. Allegro, ma non tanto - Zino Francescatti

Disc: 53
1. I. Allegro espansivo
2. II. Andante pastorale
3. III. Allegretto un poco
4. IV. Finale. Allegro
5. I. Tempo giusto - Adagio non troppo
6. II. Allegro - Andante un poco tranquillo

Disc: 54
1. I. Psalm 108 (Verse 2) & Psalm 100 (Complete)
2. II. Psalm 23 (Complete) & Psalm 2 (Verses 1-4)
3. III. Psalm 131 (Complete) & Psalm 133 (Verse 1)
4. Part I - Molto Adagio
5. Part II - Allegretto

Disc: 55
1. I. Allegro moderato
2. II. Andante con moto
3. I. Allegro vivace
4. II. Andante con moto
5. III. Con moto moderato
6. IV. Saltarello. Presto

Disc: 56
1. I. Allegro con brio
2. II. Marcia funebre. Adagio assai
3. III. Scherzo. Allegro vivace
4. IV. Finale. Allegro molto

Disc: 57
1. Carnival Overture, Op. 92
2. Slavonic Dances, Op. 46: No. 1 in C Major. Presto
3. Slavonic Dances, Op. 46: No. 3 in A-Flat Major. Poco allegro
4. The Bartered Bride, JB 1:100: Overture
5. Polka. Moderato
6. Furiant. Allegro energico
7. Dance of the Comedians. Vivace
8. Má vlast, JB 1:112: II. Vlatava (The Moldau)

Disc: 58
1. Falstaff!
2. Sei Polli - sei scellini
3. Ma è tempo d'assottigliar l'ingegno
4. L'onore! Ladri!
5. Alice... Meg... Nannetta...
6. Fulgida Alice! Amor t'offro...
7. In due parole - L'enorme Falstaff
8. Pst, pst, Nannetta
9. Udrai quanta egli sfoggia...
10. Siam pentiti e contriti
11. Va, vecchio John...
12. Signore, v'assista il cielo!
13. C'e a Windsor una dama
14. È sogno? O realtà?

Disc: 59
1. Presenteremo un bill
2. Gaie comari di Windsor!
3. Alfin t'ho colto, raggiante fior
4. Quand'ero paggio del Duca di Norfolk
5. Mia signora!
6. C'é! C'é!
7. Ehi! Taverniere!
8. Reverenza - La bella Alice...
9. Brava! Quelle corna saranno la mia gioia!
10. Dal labbro il canto
11. Una, due, tre, quattro...
12. Ninfe! Elfi! Silfi!
13. Alto là! - Chi va là?
14. Ogni sorta di gente dozzinale
15. Tutto nel mondo é burla

Disc: 60
1. I. Allegro brillante
2. II. In modo d'una marcia. Un poco largamente - Agitato
3. III. Scherzo. Molto vivace - Trio I - Trio II - Coda
4. IV. Allegro, ma non troppo
5. I. Allegro
6. II. Andante
7. III. Rondo. Allegro moderato


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