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 VA - Only The Best of Old Town Records (5CD Box Set, 2007) M 
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Příspěvek VA - Only The Best of Old Town Records (5CD Box Set, 2007) M
VA - Only The Best of Old Town Records (5CD Box Set, 2007) MP3
MP3 320 Kbps | Pop/Rock | 722 Mb

VA - Only The Best of Old Town Records (5CD Box Set, 2007) MP3
Disc 1:

1.The Harptones
Life Is But A Dream
2.The Co-Eds
Love You Baby All The Time
3.The 5 Crowns
You Could Be My Love
4.The Bonne Villes
5.The Fiestas
Our Anniversary
6.The Solitaires
Stranger In Paradise
7.Bobby Adams & The Serenaders
All Alone
8.The Harptones
On Sunday Afternoon
9.The Escorts
Why Does The World Go Round
10.The Four Pharoahs
Give Me Your Love
11.The Vocaleers
Have You Ever Loved Someone
12.The Supremes
13.The Fi-Tones
My Heart
14.The Royaltones
Come Back And Give Me A Hand
15.The Capris (Old Town)
Where I Fell In Love
16.Ruth Mcfadden & The Harptones
School Boy
17.The Valentines
Tonight Kathleen
18.The Clefftones
The Last Roundup
19.The Hummers
Gee What A Girl
20.The Keytones
A Fool In Love
21.The Solitaires
Come Back To Me
22.The Tremaines
Moon Shining Bright
23.The Symbols
Last Rose Of Summer
24.The Co-Eds
I Love An Angel
25.The Chimes

Disc 2:

1.The Five Crowns
Lullabye Of The Bells
2.The Packards
Ding Dong
3.The Harptones
It All Depends On You (My Success)
4.The Fiestas
So Fine
5.The Bonne Villes
Zu Zu
6.The Vocaleers
I Need Your Love So Bad
7.Ruth Mcfadden & The Supremes
Since My Baby's Been Gone
8.The Keytones
What Is The Secret Of Your Success?
9.The Solitaires
Davy Crockett
10.The Chimes
My Broken Heart
11.The Solitaires
The Angels Sang
12.The Royaltones
Crazy Love
13.The Keytones
Seven Wonders Of The World
14.The Harptones
Mambo Boogie
15.The Laurels
Message Of Love
16.The Inspirators
Starlight Tonight
17.The Clefftones
The Masquerade Is Over
18.The Escorts
There's Something Awful Nice About You
19.The Solitaires
When Will The Lights Shine On Me
20.The Esquires
Why Must I Love You
21.Gene Mumford & The Serenaders
When You're Smiling
22.The Co-Eds
I'm In Love
23.The Clefftones
24.The Harptones
School Girl
25.The Capris (Old Town)
There's A Moon Out Tonight

Disc 3:

1.The Solitaires
Walking Along
2.The Royaltones
Never Let Me Go
3.The Fiestas
Last Night I Dreamed
4.The Harptones
You Know You're Doin' Me Wrong
5.The Solitaires
Give Me One More Chance
6.The Co-Eds
I Beg Your Forgiveness
7.The Symbols
Crying My Heart Out
8.The Universals
9.The Royaltones
Latin Lover
10.The Valentines
Summer Love
11.The Solarettes
I Call To You
12.The Hummers
So Strange
13.The Five Crowns
Later Later Baby
14.Ruth Mcfadden & The Royaltones
Two In Love (With One Heart)
15.The Packards
Dream Of Love
16.The Inspirators
Oh What A Feeling
17.Peggy Farmer & The Harptones
Dreaming Is No Good
18.The Symbols
Lover, Lover, Lover
19.The Ovations
The Day We Fell In Love
20.The Fi-Tones
My Faith
21.The Royaltones
Hey Norman
22.Ruth Mcfadden & The Supremes
Darling Listen To The Words Of This Song
23.The Tru-Tones
Why Oh Why
24.The Capris (Old Town)
Indian Girl
25.The Solitaires
How Long

Disc 4:

1.Larry Chance & The Earls
Remember Then
2.The Tremains
Jingle Jingle
3.The Keytones
My Heart (I'm Blue Without You)
4.The Supremes
Zip Boom
5.The Clefftones
My Dearest Darling
6.Ruth Mcfadden & The Royaltones
You For Me
7.The Crowns
8.The Supremes
My Babe (She Don't Want Me No More)
9.The Blenders
But I Know
10.The Ovations
My Lullabye
11.The Capris (Old Town)
Where I Fell In Love
12.The Harptones
I Got A Notion
13.The Royaltones
I Give You My Word
14.The Five Crowns
Good Luck Darling
15.The Four Pharoahs
China Girl
16.The Unknowns
Listen, Listen Baby
17.Gene Mumford & The Serenaders
Please Give Me One More Chance
18.The Solitaires
Come Back My Love
19.The Clefftones
Guess Who?
20.The Harptones
You're Going To Need Me Someday
21.Larry Chance & The Earls
It's You
22.The Sharps
Teenage Girl
23.The Supremes
The Last Round-Up
24.Peggy Farmer & The Harptones
I Love You Baby
25.Larry Chance & The Earls
Life Is But A Dream

Disc 5:

1.Larry Chance & The Earls
2.The Harptones
Life Is But A Dream (Previously Unreleased)
3.The Vocaleers
I'll Be There
4.The Sharps
We Three
5.The Hummers
Do You Know What I Mean
6.The Solitaires
South Of The Border
7.The Royaltones
Hong Kong Jelly Wong
8.Nick & The Knacks
The Night
9.The Blenders
I Won't Tell The World
10.The Clefftones
Little Girl (I Love You Madly)
11.The Vocaleers
Love And Devotion
12.The Symbols
Country Boy
13.The Esquires
I Fell In Love
14.The Royaltones
Crazy Love (Previously Unreleased)
15.The Gems
Nursery Rhymes
16.The Intruders
Just To Be
17.The Co-Eds
I'm In Love (Previously Unreleased)
18.The Solitaire
Big Mary's House
19.The Vocaleers
This Is The Night
20.The Gems
The Night Is Over
21.Larry Chance & The Earls
My Heart's Desire
22.The Crowns
Possibility (Previously Unreleased)
23.The Fiestas
Good News
24.The Intruders
25.The Capris (Old Town)
Girl In My Dreams


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