Timber and Stone

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Timber and Stone

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Timber and Stone v1.52
Timber and Stone is a project I started in March of 2012. I wanted to play a city building game with the feel of a real time strategy game, but with more depth; more resources, more control, and most importantly: more complexity. All set in a medieval world with some fantasy elements thrown in.

I wanted to see trebuchets destroy castle walls, trees, and earth. Fire used as a realistic weapon. A game where I not only get to build an army but also have to feed that army, by farming, fishing, hunting, and foraging. With an intuitive crafting system that allows me to engineer siege equipment by felling trees for wood, create brick to fortify my kingdom’s walls using the raw stone I’ve mined, and blacksmiths who forge armor and weapons for my military.
Požadavky (minimální):
No official system requirements for Timber and Stone have been announced yet. However, since the game does run on the Unity engine[1], the minimum specs will be:

Windows XP or later; Mac OS X 10.5 or later.
Pretty much any 3D graphics card, depending on complexity.
Online games run on all browsers, including IE, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome, among others.
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